At Christmas dinners (or Christmas meals) you have guests at home and when they arrive at the hosts we like to have everything well decorated and in perfect conditions so that guests feel comfortable in our home and also to enjoy the decoration that has cost us so much to get, right? That's why today I want to give you some Easy tips for you to have an elegant table this Christmas.

Having an elegant table at Christmas dinner or on the eve of the New Year's party is possible and you will also stay as a host (or hostess) that the guests should applaud before leaving home. Do you think it's an exaggeration? I think it deserves a recognition so much effort because the decoration of the table you think so that they feel good your table.

Focal point

It is important that to start decorating the table you establish a focal point or a point of reference. The most used are the centerpieces since it is used as a decoration base. For example on the table after having the centerpiece well established you can decorate around with ornaments of different textures such as: colored ribbons, lights, pineapples, bells ...

christmas table

Christmas lights

Why not? You can place Christmas lights around the table to create a much more intimate and Christmas atmosphere, also if you place them with style I am convinced that they will look great and your guests will be delighted!

If you do not want to decorate with colored lights all over the table, you can choose to decorate the centerpiece with lights, the important thing is give a touch of light.

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Candles on the table

If the lights do not convince you can put decorative candles (but better without odor so as not to interfere with the taste of food!) Because they are very good and will help you to have an elegant and cozy table. Of course, if at the table you plan to have children better do not opt ​​for candles with fire to avoid accidents, in this case choose candles with LED lights that go with a battery and you will not have any risk.

And of course you can not forget to complete the decoration of your elegant table with a beautiful tableware and table linen!


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