How to use the mirrors as part of the decoration

In today's post we will talk about decorative mirrors. A mirror in a room, a corridor or a bathroom will increase light and the perception of space. Although many people do not adapt them as such, mirrors have a decorative function in addition to fulfilling their primary function.

Use the mirrors to open the spaces and make them larger, and make sure that the mirror reflects something appealing to the eye, such as a beautiful landscape that will bring the vibrant energy of a garden, a chandelier in the living room, etc. Decorative mirrors are useful in small spaces where you can create the illusion of duplicating the space of the area.

Some people believe that mirrors have healing uses. They say that they should not distort or cut off a person's image.

They are also useful in dark spaces where you want to make the most of available light. This applies to apartments in basements or to rooms that receive only the northern light, the decorative mirrors can be strategically placed so that the natural lighting of a window is reflected back to a dark area or a stagnant corner.