The use of the comfortable as a decorative element in the bedrooms dates back to the eighteenth century, although some historians already spoke of them as pieces of essential furniture much further back in time, some pieces even date from ancient Egypt.


The dressers have been adapted over the years and decorative styles, and have been incorporating the latest materials for its development without losing its essence: a chest of drawers no higher than a table. The number of drawers has been modified by designers, and you can find up to six drawers of different sizes.

2 chest of drawers

The same happens with its use, previously reduced to the rooms, now it is possible to give it prominence in any corner of a house. This is a type of furniture that awakens passions among lovers of decoration, and there are those who, fortunate to have space, dare to collect them, rescuing some copies of the containers, restoring them and turning them into real jewels.