Children deserve and need tools to live a creative, entertaining and exhausting day-to-day life, and we want them to learn something new every day, express their ideas and feelings and, above all, when they fall asleep in bed at night, after dinner. The game is an effective teaching technique that we must master to perfection because it is also their favorite method and although it sounds strange, they cry out, as soon as they wake up, instruction from their parents. Physical tasks such as running, jumping rope, going for a bike ride or playing in the pool, are essential to develop your motor skills and to recognize and learn to take care of your body. Strategy games such as dominoes, Chinese checkers, chess, monopoly, including video games, stimulate the strengthening of logic, the sense of order, dialogue and, in general, strengthen their intellectual capacities.


PLAYMATE, the children's design piece created by ANNA BULLUS, is a hilarious, fun and organized game friend for children over six years. In it, the boys will find two table games that will keep them focused and develop their logical skills. Also when they are exhausted can sleep on top, or, once in bed can use it as a pillow and hug. When it is not necessary it will be easy to save. More information on the website