I live in the apartment where I live, with my husband, my baby and my baby, and Bruno, the dog, and everyone, since we arrived less than a year ago, we are happy to be so close to the largest park in the world. city, to have a metro station right out of our portal, to have a museum to 6 blocks, another to 7 and a last to eight. The apartment, old but renovated, is as elegant as it is simple and we are also on the top floor. We do not have to listen to the heels of any early-morning executive or the desperate jumps of hilarious children eager to go out into the outside world, like in our previous home.

Everything was like a perfect dream at home until winter came and as this year did not warn, it took us by absolute surprise. One day we realized, with sadness, that the perfect floor was cold and even if we put the heating at maximum power it was still like living in the park, in the subway station or in one of the three museums that are close by. But there are solutions.


The electric environment heater EECOPRO / ECOTEC is like a large natural canvas in stone, completely vertical and of such good power that it serves for large spaces without consuming much energy. This slimline design team has only 5 cm thick, more than 10.000 temperature combinations and is in different 72 colors. It is manufactured in silestone, stainless steel and aluminum and measures 130 cm high x 42 wide x 5 thick. More information on the website www.eefiterm.es