Basic tips on outdoor decoration

The decoration of the exterior spaces of the home, whether large or small, requires good planning to get the most out of them. This planning has to go in two senses: functional and aesthetic. Combining both aspects is the slogan that we must follow, always taking into account the size of the space and the possibilities that the climate offers us throughout the year.

The function we want to give you is the aspect that must be considered first. Ideally, the garden or terrace may have a more important role than just the decorative one. They are spaces that must be taken advantage of. For that reason, the furniture that we place in it, has to take into account this function. Armchairs, benches, stools; or even tables that allow you to eat there when the weather is right.

According to the climate where we live, we will place this furniture, so we can use it most of the time. If only we will allocate a rest area with armchairs, they have to be protected from the most extreme conditions, such as a lot of sun in summer or a very exposed area that prevents relaxing in the sunny hours in winter. The space we devote to eat must be separate from the previous one, so as not to give a too variegated sensation.

Once we have defined the uses we want to give the garden and the place where we will place the furniture you have to choose the style. It can not be too different from the rest of the house, although you can play with the contrasts of styles, as long as we maintain something in common, such as some colors.