Today Decoration 2.0 we give you some small tips to keep our curtains like the first day. For this we have to take into account that a good maintenance of curtains must be daily.

But since this is practically impossible, at least, we will try to periodically pass - every two weeks - the vacuum, this will keep our curtains free of dust.

Washing of the curtains we can do it once a year and the lining every six months. Remember to make sure of the precautions you have to take with the type of fabric of the curtain. Not all admit the same washing.

If we can use soap we will let the curtain soak, we will change the water three times. Just leave 30 minutes, at first. After this time we will put the curtain in the washing machine and apply a program for delicate clothes.

If your curtain has hooks or embellishments that can not be removed, we will always wrap them in some cloths so they do not get damaged. Then let dry in the air.

Caution require natural fabrics such as linen, silk or cotton. Remember that this type of fabric can be damaged by shrinking or bleaching. If you are not sure, take your curtains to a specialized place.

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