The stains of paint, in glass and windows, it is common to see them after having done some work or have painted the wall. It is important to be careful, every time you are going to do something of the mentioned thing, to cover well those zones in which there should not fall paint.

paint stains

But even if we take care, It is common to see some splashes or paint spots, larger. Both in the glass of the window, as in the frame of it. So here I leave some practical advice, to eliminate them completely without any problems.

A good advice that I can leave, for remove paint stains, is to inform us about the painting we are using at those moments. Find the can or container where it comes and check the instructions of it. Surely, in addition to telling us how we should or where we should use it, also indicate the type of solvent necessary to eliminate it. Once we know the type of chemical we need, apply this solvent on the stain to be cleaned.

Another good advice is, before applying the solvent, look at what the window frame is made of and then proceed to clean. Some solvents can damage wood, PVC or aluminum frames. In the glass, surely, we can use the solvent without problems. So with a rag or a glass scraper, you will see how soon the stain of the same is undone.

Find the right solvent for each type of paint we have used. There are some that can be used both in the window glass, as in the mirrors or in the frames. If the frame is made of aluminum or pvc try to remove the stain very carefully, this way we will not scratch the material.

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A solvent, which almost everyone has at home, is acetone. You can try applying it on the stain and let it act a bit. The paint will begin to dissolve and you will see that with the help of some scrapers, turned into great allies to completely remove the paint, we will achieve it.

If the stain is very large we can help from a larger squeegee, but we will always have to be very careful not to scratch the glass. In addition, this technique also serves for the mirror or frames of the sale of plastic or aluminum.

Source: wikihow