It is undeniable that Eastern cultures have independently developed their vision of the world and that in many cases this vision is more human and accurate than what we, in the western sector of the planet, have inherited. And it is not a matter of discussing religious or social theories, it is a matter of practicing the proposals of the East -yoga, as an example- and of noticing how our body feels improved and our mental state is appeased and clarified. We can not discuss anything against the unequivocal evidence of experience, much we have to assimilate from alternative practices.


Tantric sex, far from being an ordinary sexual experience, is an excellent possibility that allows us and our partner to get closer and develop a lasting, sincere, respectful and, of course, pleasant interpersonal relationship. To practice it, it is important to have a good yoga guide and the TANTRIC CHAIR of the TANTRA CHAIR design house, which will help us to do it easily. The chair is considered an ecological product, since the materials with which it is built do not adversely affect the environment; The ultra thin skin with which it is upholstered is at the same time one of the most resistant, has a special anti-bacterial protection and is easy to clean. Each dimension with which the chair has been designed has been the result of an ergonomic study that provides a safe and comfortable support system. The elegant curvature of the furniture allows to easily change the angle of the pelvis in men and women creating new sensations, a higher level of intimate depth and a spatial and pleasant experience. The TANTRA CHAIR design house creates amoblamienot pieces specialized in meditation and sacred intimidation. Inspired by the serenity of the ocean and the elegant beauty of feminine forms, full of relaxation, humanity and ergonomic wisdom each of their designs. More information in