Decoration tips for the Living

Here a series of tips for living decoration. If you have two environments attached which are medium in size, if we know how to plot them correctly, we will obtain a space of great warmth. The result is a pleasant area for dialogue, that is, a space for conversation; and another environment that will offer us the qualities of a pleasant dining room.

As a first step in this decoration, we will begin with the environment that we have chosen to destine to converse or to receive the visitors. What we have to do is use elements in rigid PVC to lower the ceiling, this will accompany the furnishing.

In the decoration of the living room it is essential, in our opinion, to choose upholstered armchairs preferably in a vibrant orange color. This will propose a beautiful contrast to the context. We recommend using one of the walls of the room that will be finely decorated in shades of brown and beige; to place four or five frames framed in gold. This will give us even more the feeling of harmony and warmth in the environment.

Another aspect that is beautiful for us in this type of decoration, is the play with slopes, because the chairs and an attractive glass table with glass are at another height than the rest of the area, will make it a cozy space and delicate. We must always take into account that the plants or flowers are never different.

In the decoration of living we suggest in light, opt for a table lamp, harmonic to the place, with this we refer not only in terms of its conformation, but that should present us with a tenuous and warm light.