A small terrace, however small, can always be used and decorated. It is not necessary that it is full of junk that you do not know when you are going to use it. With a few simple tips you will get a clean and comfortable terrace where you can spend some leisure time.

First of all you have to get rid of all the "gossip" that is in your way, take it out and take what you need to recycle. Once this is done you have to paint it and put it on, and for that there are many possibilities but this time the election has been linoleum with imitation pebbles and pvc grids on the bars to provide security (it is a material that requires little maintenance and its installation is simple).

In the grid we can put plants, using pots that do not have a large size and taking into account the space we have. Do not forget the location inside the terrace as there are plants that need direct contact with the son and others that do not.

Depending on the size, a table or a simple shelf can be placed hanging from the rail inwards, accompanied by chairs, an armchair or even a chaise longue. As you see in the images, there are many options that do not occupy space and that are very beautiful.

The choice of the appropriate colors and accessories will be the key to achieving the atmosphere you wish to create, a cheerful, warm, romantic, cozy, modern, classic environment .... it would be the final touch to have a nice and useful space that we did not take advantage of at all.

Vía: Decorate Today


  1. I would have liked them to explain in the 4 bancon how the stone is thrown.

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