If the illusion of your life is to build a house to your liking, the first thing you have to take into account are a whole series of aspects such as the cost, location or planning of the works. Building the house of our dreams is usually not easy and usually represents a large investment. You have to compare budgets, make a list of our priorities and look for experienced professionals who can advise us when making decisions.

A house made to measure will always be easier and cheaper if we plan it in a small town or a small town. Not only because of the scarcity of land in the cities but also because of the high market prices. In a village it will be easier build your own home for little money. We just have to look for a town close to our work and our needs in which we can build without so many problems and at a lower cost.

What you can never forget is that the house must have a high quality in terms of materials, finishes and design. A cheaper house can not pose any risk to our family. We must prioritize a safe house to any dream or idea.

If you have already decided to build your own home, have compared budgets and believe you have sufficient economic capacity, you just have to make the decision and get down to work. It also expects that unforeseen events may arise that may increase the initial budget.

We are going to give you some basic tips so that building the house of your dreams is a reality.

Plan the construction calmly

The first thing to do is hire a professional expert in housing. An architect who can guide us at all times and with sincerity about the best type of construction for our project. We may have an idea but in reality it is not possible to make it a reality because of the characteristics of the terrain or other circumstances. A phase in which we have to devote all the necessary time because any false step can affect the construction of our house or its cost.

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Quality materials

The next step is to get materials at a good price, but always resistant and of quality. Some materials that experts should always advise us. They will assure us which are the most suitable for the construction of our home. We will need materials for the construction of the house, but also for electrical, sanitary, coatings, carpentry and all the necessary elements.

Make decisions with the architect

It is important to adapt our project to the size of the house and the possibilities of the land. You also have to plan the number of floors and rooms, as well as the different spaces of the house. We need to talk to the architect about such important issues about how natural light, heating or ventilation can be used. Under the supervision of the architect, the construction company must be hired to carry out and supervise the work following the approved project. Before starting construction, all permits and licenses must be processed in order to begin construction of the work.

Control times and delays

It is important a good coordination in the execution of the project by the architect and the construction company. The length of time that the construction can be extended can mean a safe expense for the entire work. Sometimes you can choose prefabricated elements that can be transported and assembled without the need for heavy machinery. Elements that can be made of wood, concrete, steel or even PVC and that can mean a great saving for the project.

A sustainable house

If we want to build a home with a future, a good idea is to try to make it as sustainable as possible. This type of construction will allow us to reduce the costs of electricity, heating or water bills when we live in the house. For this we must adapt the construction to the environment that surrounds us and use the resources of the area. We can choose to install solar panels on our roof or recyclable materials for thermal and acoustic insulation such as wood, bamboo or ecological brick. We will achieve great energy savings in the future that will justify the investment we have had to make to ensure that it is a sustainable home.