Tips for decorating gardens and patios

The grounds and patios They are some of the places we most enjoy in our homes, but sometimes we forget their decor y design.

Decorate a garden to have it beautiful is something simple and it is worth spending time to take care of it and decorate it.

The first thing we have to take into account is that a gardenBesides being beautiful, it has to be practical. We can not overload it with plants and decoration in a way that prevents us from spending time in it and that does not serve as a place of enjoyment for children and a meeting point for the family.

A decor very squared does not usually look good in grounds of small size. We will use curved lines as much as possible in their decoration.

Always try to choose plants y grass that adapt to the climate of the area and that require the minimum of maintenance. You will not be helped by a great decoration in your garden if the state of the plants and grass It's bad, so you have to choose them very well.

Keep in mind before design the garden the areas with the most sun and the shadow areas to locate the different elements. Not all plants They need the same luminosity, nor do we want the resting place to be where the sun hits the most in summer.

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  1. I liked the advice on using curved lines. While it may seem logical to use straight lines or grids, they never look natural or harmonious.

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