Tips for decorating a staircase

Like the entrance hall, the staircase is an area that is often considered a simple place of passage. For this reason, the decoration of the stairs is usually weak or nonexistent. To prevent this from happening in your home, you can take some of the suggestions for decorating stairs that we will give you below.

Let's start with the railing and the handrail, trying to escape common solutions. We suggest the application and combination of different materials, thus achieving a more interesting result.

You can use, for example, the following materials in the decoration of a staircase: wood in its simplest form (in natural color), iron and painted bamboo.

In decorative terms, many experts advise following the same principle along the entire length of the staircase in order to create a certain visual unit along the route between the different floors. In many cases, the mere repetition of a decorative element is enough to create the notion of homogeneity.

The lighting of the stairs is another key factor since it contributes not only to the practical and functional aspect, but also to the decorative one. A suitable light is, in most cases, enough to give the stairs the theatricality they deserve.