In the previous article we discussed some tips to clean with vinegar. In today's article let's continue talking about some methods to clean our homes with this product.

Vinegar is an excellent product to eliminate odors from clothes or sweat stains. To do it, it is enough to dilute a little in water and add it to the clothes in question. It is important to let it rest and then rinse with plenty of water.

Another suggestion is to add a small container with some vinegar and place it on the shelf of the clothes ... this will avoid the odors of moisture among others.

Finally another tip is to put half a cup inside the washing machine and put it to work. At the end we will see that the clothes are much softer.

If you have stains on the wood, the vinegar can treat it. This method is suitable for any type of wood, for this we mix ¼ cup of olive oil, ½ of vinegar and 2 of warm water, to keep it.

To remove paint from any surface you can try hot vinegar, undiluted. Let it rest for a few hours and you will see how quickly the paint is released.