Tips to reform your kitchen

When we think about reforming a kitchen, the need arises to consider the use and choice of materials that are easier to clean, especially in those areas where we use water.

As is well known, structures covered with tiles and steel are the most useful and easy to clean. Other components, such as wallpaper or drywall, can be reserved for areas with less water use or areas where we store products.

When starting the reform, we can choose different colors for the tiles to mark the different areas. A good option is If we can place neutral tiles in the work area and more colorful tiles in the surroundings.

To give a greater feeling of great space, we have to choose the kitchen furniture in a single color, as smooth as possible. You can choose to integrate appliances in those same furniture, since that also helps to promote the feeling of greater space.

Since the kitchen is an area that always receives a large amount of dirt, you must take a series of precautions, such as choosing furniture that can be easily cleaned and appliances that require very little maintenance, such as compact appliances.