Wood is one of the most noble elements for construction, in this article we will give you some ideas to treat wood effectively keeping the material in perfect condition for many years.

Thanks to its characteristics, wood gives warmth to environments. The wood has the capacity and the necessary aspect to isolate the cold, for that reason it is one of the favorite materials that adapt to many styles. In order to look pretty, some care must be taken.

Treat woods
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Avoid deterioration of wood

There are different ways in which you can avoid deterioration of wood, causing it to look like the first day. Thanks to the use of wax the parquet floor can be kept in good condition and the furniture. To apply it, it will be necessary to use a cloth and to do it in a circular way. It prevents it from accumulating in different areas, spreading it evenly. The wax will be the best alternative if the surface to be repaired has shallow and small scratches.

Another of the products used for the wood treatment is the dye. Through this product you can change the color of the surfaces without covering the veins that wood naturally has. It is the ideal option when you want recover furniture and give it a different style. You can also give your furniture a beautiful and natural look.

Keep in mind that the color of the dye will penetrate the pores of the wood, so it will be necessary to apply on bare surfaces and that have not received a previous treatment. If you want to favor its appearance you can sand the surface before treating it and thus make it more adherent.

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The use of oil will give woods a vital aspect, a good alternative for the treatment of the surfaces that for the passage of time lost the tone that it had the first day. The oil has the ability to nourish the wood giving it a more careful appearance. In this video you can see how to make oil to treat wood with old and used oil:

Outdoor varnish for outdoor

The Laboratory of Forest Products of Quebec (Canada) formulated this homemade varnish for exteriors specially designed for places with high humidity and cold. The finish of the varnish is matte and does not crack as it is quickly absorbed by the wood instead of creating an outer film.

What do we need to make homemade varnish? The necessary ingredients are 1 liter of linseed oil, 125 cm of turpentine and 15 grams of paraffin.

How do you prepare? We boil the linseed oil on one side and on the other we will melt the paraffin in the water bath and then we will add the solvent little by little. Finally we mix everything carefully looking for it to stay together.

How does it apply? Brush, blowtorch or roller are the tools you can use to apply this mixture as if it were paint on wood. Let it dry for about 30 minutes or an hour and then with a dry cloth remove the excess that has not absorbed the wood naturally. Then, let rest 24 hours if you want to give it a second hand and thus improve its resistance.

It is important to bear in mind that this varnish should not be put on other synthetic varnishes or materials such as paints that can clog the pores of the wood. If you have it, you will have to sand it first to remove it and have the wood in its natural state to add your natural varnish.

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wood treatmentAvoid and remove moths from wood

Although today all furniture is properly treated against moths and other bugs that can destroy wooden furniture, it is important to be careful with old furniture to avoid inconvenience.

The best solution is the oldest, that of the grandparents. It is about putting gasoline through the furniture, extending it properly and then leaving the furniture to air for several days until the odor is gone.

Surely these tricks to avoid moths at home also you find interesting:

Furniture restoration

Finally, we do not forget the importance of giving life and updating the old house furniture so that they survive every decoration change we make in our home. Therefore, I invite you to initiate you into the wonderful world of decoration and restoration of furniture with vibrant colors, fabrics, fun doorknobs and other tricks that will make you dream of a new furniture with can be yours with just a bit of paint and a good brush.

update an old piece of furnitureIn this video you can see a clear example of what you can get with an old table: