En Decoration Kitchens we like to deal with those topics that can help us find the decoration more adequate for our kitchen, that's why we are open to receive consultations from our followers.

This is what he has done M, a user who asks us tips to decorate your small kitchen. To solve your Dudas and those of all those who like M are looking inspiration and ideas for small spaces, we have prepared this post.

Small kitchens need the same as any other, but their straight is to take advantage of space to the maximum, without looking like a mousetrap. So let's go to describe the points key to be able to convert it into one that can work comfortably.

I do not care if I look like a shredded disc, but the main element of the kitchen is the light. We need good lighting, natural y artificial, with a clear and powerful light in some key points. If in the room there is a window, will be the clearest area, to allow light to enter without problems to all corners. When the sun leaves us until the next day, we will use the light artificial, which should be in the form of spotlights in the areas of work (countertop, sink, ...) and on the table to eat.

The furniture that form it should not be very high, since it can create us claustrophobia in such a small space. That is why we recommend using methods that take advantage of space to store objects in a way transparent, that is, without leaving hidden under the closet door. Display cases, shelves or utensils in the air, give you a perspective Creative and original without the need of overwhelm.

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Another key point is the colors, white, raw or tones soft, are those that should be in furniture and walls. They provide a feeling of space which make the hours we spend there more pleasant inside. In addition these colors emphasize the light, which is another great ally in small spaces. It does not matter if we cook in a thimble if we are well illuminated.

The less stuff We have on the countertop or occupying a necessary space, it will be easier to move around it. Although we do not like kitchens without character, so you must find the balance between simplicity y simplicity.

Hope M have helped you with your query:)