You already have almost everything. You have searched for the perfect location for the desk, you also have the computer, the table lamp and even the accessories. your work corner en casa It's almost ready. You only need to choose the desk chair. Start a long and tedious pilgrimage through online stores and web pages. But ... do you know what you're looking for?

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It is not strange that you have answered no to the question I asked you before. It is not easy to find the perfect desk chair. That what It is ergonomic and, at the same time, original and decorative enough for your corner of work at home. In fact, and I speak from the experience itself, it is very difficult to find a chair that passes the exam of the experts in occupational safety and that, in addition, it seems nice to put it in your living room or in your office.

And is that when you work in an office, the design and aesthetics of the chair that you use daily can go to the background. But If the work corner is in your own home, the thing changes. We do not want to have a chair magazine that does not match the rest of the furniture. Although it is a marvel of ergonomics and protects us from muscular contractures.

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I, honestly, believe that in the middle term is the right one. You can think that I'm wrong (and probably that's the way it is), but I would never put it in front of me special desk of the 50 an office chair full of levers, high backrest and adjustable armrests. No, no matter how much my back suffers.

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What desk chair do you need?

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Apart from what I have said so far, to choose the desk chair that best suits your needs, it is necessary to take into account various factors. To begin with, everything depends on the number of hours that you are going to be felt in it. It is not the same to spend a couple of hours a day, that a whole working day with its eight hours (plus the extra time).

In that sense, the use that you are going to give will give you the guideline for choose a more or less comfortable and ergonomic chair. It is a matter of health, so you have to give it the importance it deserves.

Things to keep in mind

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Si quieres work at home, dedicating to your work all the necessary time, and not suffer back or joint problems you will have to choose a suitable chair. To start is recommended that the seat is adjustable in height. In this way, you can vary the position of your body with respect to the work table based on your height. Keep in mind that if you work in a very low chair, the lumbar will suffer. And if it is too high, you will force the dorsal musculature and the vertebrae of the back.

It is also important that the backrest be adjusted to the back and Offer you lumbar support. You will be great once the three or four hours of work are over. If the height of the backrest is adjustable you can make it reach at least to your shoulders which is ideal for your body.

At this point I would like to make a reflection. With regard to the height of the backrest of chairs, armchairs and sofas, I think there is a distortion between what is supposed to be better for the sake of bodily health and comfort, and what the world of design and interior design shouts at us. If for the first thing the best are high backs, equipped even with headrests, those that move the threads of the second offer us continuously seats, sofas and chairs very low backup. The dilemma is served.

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Armrest, yes or no?

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Although for the gurus of ergonomics there is no other answer than a resounding YES, I would add a little nuance. The armrests may be one of the key pieces to achieve a comfortable desk chair, but other options are also possible. How not to put them.

There are really comfortable chairs They do not wear arms. Value your own work habits. Also if you have enough space (since they will make the chair more bulky), and the type of desk you have. If it is too low, the armrests of the chair can be a nuisance.

If you finally believe that your desk chair has to be equipped with these pieces, make sure that your arms are flexed properly. They have to form a right angle while typing on the computer.

With or without wheels?

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This is another of the great dilemmas that surround desktop chairs. While the wheels can be comfortable When it comes to changing your posture or moving around in the workplace, the truth is that they do not make much sense if you Work zone or study is small.

In any case, before deciding to a chair with wheels, look for some that are special for the floor you have at home: parquet, stoneware, etc. Too hard chairs can scratch it irreparably.

As I said at the beginning of this post, choosing the desk chair is not a minor issue, so I recommend that you do not rush and values ​​any decision. It will be the key to succeed.