I had never seen a watch like this, I had never imagined a watch like this but nevertheless here it is, naive of me that I do not trust the design. Throughout these years I have learned that in terms of decoration you can expect everything, when we think that everything is invented a corner clock arrives and it surprises us and that design never leaves us indifferent.

His name is Corner Clock ("Corner clock", of course) and is absolutely original because it is designed to be installed in the upper corners of the room so that we have to look at it to see it. What do you get with this? Well, a touch of very interesting originality and also give presence and relevance to those centimeters of the house towards which we only look to remove the cobwebs.

Your designer in Lisa Sandall and its clock is designed in a peculiar way since if the handles were right they would rub against the wall and could not advance, for that reason they have been bent towards the outside.

In principle the watch comes disassembled, united only by the center and divided into three pieces, one for each wall to which it is going to be attached. Once visualized the hole in which it goes and the position in which it must go is mounted and placed on the wall to put it into operation. Now we must remember to look up to see the time, and above all, to understand it.

More information: Lisa Sandall

Via: Hometone