The Christmas wreaths they start appearing on the doors of the houses announcing the arrival of Christmas.

The crowns are, without doubt, one of the symbols of Christmas. With the arrival of the Christmas dates, the crowns begin to settle in the doors of the houses, thus printing joy and the facade of the houses.

The tradition of hanging a crown on the door is related to the belief that with the arrival of the new year the crown will attract the good luck and joy to home.

Solutions and alternatives when choosing and decanting for a Christmas wreath for our home there are many.
You can go to some shop or to any Christmas marketand there you will find different crown models, a great variety of colors and you will even find a wide range of materials that make up the crown.
These are some examples of crowns that you can find in stores or Christmas markets.

fruit crown

green crown

But if you do not like this type of crown so classic and so usual, do not worry, there are also crowns that can be adapted to your taste or style: original and unconventional. That's right, it's going to touch you do it yourself, because it is not usual to find them in establishments.
Here are some ideas:

With Gift Wrapand you small small boxes You can create a crown that is original and delicate.

crown of gifts

If you prefer a different crown but do not steal so much time when doing it, this is an idea simpleVery easy to perform and in addition economic:

crown with oranges

And if you like it recycle You can create an original crown of cork stoppers like this:

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recycled crown

If you prefer, you can choose the material and colors that you like the most and create your own crown in your own way with a "touch" of personality.


  1. Hello I have seen the crowns and I liked them a lot and one of them inspired me to create mine thank you very much

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