The winter that we are going through (although it seems that the coldest days have been left behind) has forced us to have the heating turned on almost the 24 hours of the day to get the house warm. Before these situations we realize the importance of having an efficient heating and if it can be that energy saving, since it will be beneficial for our pocket and for our planet.

Also thinking about this, the company Climastar, specialized in domestic air conditioning, offers a new ecological heating system with low consumption and based on the properties Dual Kherr. And what is that? As it is a special material with a power of heat accumulation an 85% higher than other thermal emitters.

El Dual Kherr It is composed of a double core of silicon and aluminum. On the one hand, silicon provides a great power of heat retention, while aluminum favors the transmission of that heat to the room. The structural design of this material is also designed to maximize the convention, heat accumulation and radiation and, thus, ensure maximum comfort with the lowest consumption.

Its structural design multiplies the contact surface between the accumulator element and the convention current. In this way the surface temperature is increased and a greater thermal inertia is achieved. The double core conductive lines optimize the convention process, favoring the distribution of the hot air generated in the resistance. The double core blocks absorb the heat of the convention and give it to the front surface, then the front transmits heat to the room for a prolonged period of time, thanks to the accumulation capacity of the equipment.

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Climastar heating incorporates the latest advances in technology for savings and comfort. It has a high precision electronic thermostat and a selector with which the user can program the connection and disconnection of heating equipment.

All these characteristics are beneficial in several aspects, on the one hand it prolongs the life of the boiler and avoids abrupt temperature oscillations, while we save on the energy expenditure and therefore we decrease our economic expense.

You can choose between four power ranges and in 10 different finishes, multiple combinations to adapt to the needs of each home.

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