»Cradle Chair»It is a comfortable and impressive chair that has been shaped by the designer Richard Clarkson.

Cradle Chair

His designer, found the inspiration that led him to create this amazing and original armchair in a crib. Through its »Cradle Chair» it aims to offer adults an element that will transport them to their childhood, remembering the safety, comfort and comfort that their small crib was able to offer.

It is an armchair that surprises with its striking design in the shape of a hemisphere.
It is made of plywood slats in a natural tone and, inside the hemisphere is a padded, comfortable and soft mat that invites to rest.
Having a hemisphere-shaped design, the chair rocks gently, contributing to a pleasant rest.

The »Cradle Chair» by Richard Clarkson offers a great when it comes to incorporating it in the decoration, since it is an armchair suitable not only for interior spaces, but also perfect for decorating exteriors.

If you are looking for a comfortable armchair for a rest area of ​​the house or to decorate your garden or terrace, this original design can be ideal, especially if you are looking for a striking design that helps to achieve a different decoration while offering you comfort.

You can find more information about this design and about the designer through the following website: Coroflot.com/clarkson_richard/Cradle/2

You, would you include this chair in the decoration of any of the spaces in your home?