We tell you some of the most original ideas for felt crafts. A simple, practical and economical DIY to decorate at home or make a gift!

Maybe the most complicated thing to do crafts with felt be when you have to sew certain elements. Not everyone knows how to sew and the truth is that there are certain crafts that do not require a darning. I want to tell you some original ideas to decorate and give, or simply, because we feel like doing it and we are DIY lovers. I have always liked this kind of things to make a gift to someone, it is a very personal detail with which to show that person all the affection you have for her, since you have spent an afternoon working on the design.

If you want to start knowing how to make great crafts with felt, take note! and surprise someone special, or simply, decorate some home space that is empty and needs a little life and color. We tell you the best ideas, discover the whole process!

crafts with felt

Felt toys for the little ones

The DIY toys are trendy! Today we share with you a game that we will enjoy as authentic children when it comes to making it, and the little ones will be able to enjoy a vegetable garden to plant (and dismantle).

A way to entertain the little ones of the easiest way possible. Creating a garden is also encouraging and enriching for them, a way for them to worry about the environment and the food in the garden. What better way to play with a garden? In a short time, we will be able to see how good weather takes over the cities. So get to work!

Material needed for the craft:

  • Felt colors
  • Velcro
  • Brush and paint
  • Cotton or filling
  • Needle, thread and scissors
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We will start with the small garden and for that we will take Any cardboard box that is large enough to work and we will cover the whole box with brown paint. We could put felt, but it would be more expensive. When we see that it is completely dry, we introduce the filling and we will cover to have our own garden.

We now do the carrots of felt. Everyone can do them as they like. Here are some tips so you can do it easily. We cut the shape of the carrot, fill and then sew with the upper green part.

To do Strawberries cut the shape of the strawberry, take the edges and leave the top open. Then, add the filling and go giving small stitches to get the desired shape, then cut the green piece of felt and add the top. We can make as many strawberries as we want! And how many vegetables we want, like onions, peppers, or even, the flowers. Ready! Now is when the fun part comes. We have a nice garden and vegetable garden in which to plant (and scrub)!

Garland of hearts with felt

Whenever I do crafts, I love making hearts. It's something that comes out on my own and I think the result is great. For decorate a space and give it an original touch, I propose this simple and fast manual that will surprise you. The materials that we will use are:

  • Two colors felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Comet thread
  • Folio and pencil

This craft has many possibilities, and the truth is that we can do it to our liking, but you can be inspired by this first idea. We begin by drawing on a folio a heart template so that, when we start to cut, we all leave the same. On a large felt sheet and the color we have chosen, Let's go drawing how many hearts we want for our new garland. When we have finished, it is time to cut out all the hearts and reserve them.

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Next, we will do this same process with felt of another color and a smaller size. Pink and white can be the perfect colors, but it's to taste! When we have all the big and small hearts already cut, we will begin to glue one on top of the other.

Once we have finished, they are probably almost all dry, since with the silicone gun it will be much easier and dries earlier. We take the kite thread and we will stick with the help of the gun, one by one, the hearts. We wait a bit for it to dry and, that's it!

There is a great amount and variety of ideas with which decorate a party, a bedroom, a dining room, or even a kitchen with this type of crafts. Something as simple as felt can become the perfect key to give life to a space and turn it into a unique and special place. In addition, we can opt for the idea of ​​not sewing and doing equally incredible things using a hot silicone gun to join the pieces. If you're crazy about DIY, I'm sure you'll love it!

What is your favorite idea for a felt craft? Tell us!


  1. Very cool hearts. Now that Christmas is approaching, it can be used to decorate the Christmas tree or to decorate the house.

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