Have you ever heard the expression "my disorder in my order", sure yes, but it is totally true. Maybe your room is very messy, in your closet nothing is in place and the sleeves of the shirts stick out everywhere, but you know perfectly where everything is. Well, more than perfectly, approximately. The same happens with the work table or with the shelves.

Something like that comes to tell them the bookshelf Crash, that within the disorder of lines and shelves, there is a certain order. It is a creation of the designer Rainer Mutsch, from Austria, and both serves as a shelf to use as a separator of environments, since it is identical on both sides and there is not a trace of screws or anything like that left in them.

It is made of plywood, is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and has been developed by Sixinch.

More information: Rainer Mutsch

Vía: furniturefashion.com

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