The combination of colors, when we seek to change the look of a room or room, is essential. Before painting we must think if the room is destined to someone special of the house; If the furniture we have is going to take advantage of them or we simply want a relaxing and comfortable stay where we can spend a few hours a day.

It depends on the functionality that the specific stay will play, so we will think about the colors to use or if we want to combine them. In today's article, we will give special importance to blue, especially the celestial tone.

This tone gives us a feeling of relaxation and balance, which is why it is the perfect color to play a leading role in decorating children's rooms.

If you have children and you want to offer the stay a pleasant atmosphere, the choice of Celeste will be ideal for their bedroom. This color combines perfectly with a neutral white.

In this way we can play with both colors and give some touches of blue in the curtains, cushions or furniture. Remember that the secret lies in the details.

Both colors provide calm and, in addition, white will offer us light and delicacy; our children, generally, will sleep a lot more relaxed.

To create different tones, inside the room, we can use curtains. They can be light blue or white with some patterns in light blue. We will look for the one that best suits our needs.

Enjoy a dim atmosphere and natural light will invite us to rest. Use your imagination to make compositions and combine fabrics. If you like the prints, go ahead as long as they are not with too strong colors, because they would break the environment created with the celestial color.