If you are looking for an original rug, if you have extra cloth and want to learn or if you are bored at home you can learn how to make this beautiful and practical carpet home. With very good finishes highlight where you place it.

The materials that we need are many pieces of the fabric that you like, a hook and a base cloth type burlap or jute -with holes- in this way we will go through the fabric, simply making knots.

Animated? The first thing we are going to do is to think about the dimensions that our carpet will have, if you need to cut out the burlap cloth or ask for it to be made to measure. The next thing is to cut small strips of the fabric that you like the most. Remember to cut pieces of the same size because in this way steps will not be created on the carpet.

Once ready, with the help of a hook that we can buy in stores Crafts, we will help to introduce each patch through the holes. For each inserted patch we must make a knot so that it does not escape. We will fill in cloth until we complete the entire base.

Finished we supervised the pieces, if we see too much, some of us can trim the excess with the help of a pair of scissors. Then we will look for a nice corner where to locate our cloth carpet.