Making the most of each and every one of the corners of the house is a real challenge.
If we talk about the 'corner' par excellence that is usually created to take advantage of a corner, a small space, the light of a window without objects or furniture around ... Probably we would all agree that the most created environment in this type of space is the 'reading and relaxation corner'.
There is nothing like having a space designed and enabled especially for this purpose ... Arriving home after an intense and exhausting day and be able to enjoy, in the right place, a good coffee or tea at the same time we evaded reading a good book…

Reading corner

If you want to create your own 'corner of reading and relaxation', take good note, I will give you the keys to get it easily:

  • If possible, place your 'reading and relaxation corner' near a window or any other source of natural light. In this way you can make the most of natural light.
  • You will need very few decorative elements and furniture. Keep in mind that it is a space for relaxation, overloading it is the last thing you should do. A small one will suffice chair o armchair, a small side table o shelf and a lamp.
  • Pay special attention to lighting, natural light will not suffice, so you must choose a lamp, either month or standing to act as spot light source providing comfort.
  • Do not forget that the chair or armchair chosen should be comfortable and comfortable, that favors and contributes to achieving that state of relaxation and evasion that we desire.
  • The rest of the decor and the small details depend on your own tastes.
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