We have always wondered how bees can create honeycombs of perfect dimensions, with identical cells. That's a mystery, but what we can admire is this bookcase called Honeycomb which is inspired precisely in them, in the honeycombs of bees. Yes, we can get closer to this without being stung.

The hexagons have different sizes, different colors and different depths, which can create infinite combinations with each of the modules, which are individual, there are even some special pieces for corners and corners.

A design with personality but that leaves your imagination free.

More information: Bloq

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  1. Beautiful forms analogous to nature, the dwellings of the avejos, the harmony with the surroundings, a tribute to creation.

    The use of coffee in friendly tones to the eye.

    Excellent idea to implement

  2. I want to build a honeycomb with everything required but I can not find the measurements and desmas

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