When looking for solutions for small spaces are many features of furniture that allow to have several functions and features in a single piece, however the spatial need often exceeds this characteristic and requires a solution of architectural nature that allows to have more space, for this we present a ideal solution for all those who have a small floor, it is the raised platforms or open mezzanines.

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The elevated platforms are not more than structures that divide our environment, allowing to create a superior space, where to have a new environment or simply to implement some piece of furniture or function that allows us to develop activities in a more comfortable way, for this we will find two options which are conditioned depending on the characteristics of our floor.

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Si It has a floor that in vertical dimensions does not allow to create a new upper space, it is important that you start thinking about creating this space with the only benefit of using your bed since when lying down you do not need generous dimensions to do it comfortably, you will gain all the space that is under your bed to develop a room there or have a desk.

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If, on the other hand, you have enough space, the possibilities are undoubtedly superior and you can afford to have a two-story floor, taking advantage of all the space that he gives us, if instead of being in a building we are in a traditional but small house, the possibility of lowering the pavement several centimeters to divide the space is also an alternative although you should consider the cost.

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Among the materials most used for this type of work is obviously wood, it is economical, resistant and easy to place. But how to evaluate its cost? Cash as follows, the structure must be of hard and hard wood, which not only supports the weight but also tends not to shrink and expand too much with temperature changes, for this reason tropical woods are implemented and it is the most expensive of its reform, referring to the structure or skeleton that will support the new pavement, on the contrary iron structures do not have this problem, and are in short more economic accounts, we speak trusses similar to those used to build light roofs.

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With respect to the pavement, it is recommended that there be truss or wooden beam according to the convenience of each no more than 50 cm, although if you propose wood as curupay or lapacho and you will not use your new environment for the high transit you can arrange them in a different way.

To finish you can show the beauty of your new pavement or place carpets or parquet, there are even cases that are used classic coatings like ceramic, all depending on the raw materials that are implemented in the structure, remember that wood expands and contracts inevitably and requires a space called expansion joint which is usually hidden under baseboards, once conformed its reform will be able to have a new environment which also invites to implement creative solutions in its lower part, as we observed in the image who created this reform decided to use it as a shelf.

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Solutions for small spaces