After several months, even years, talking about vinyl stickers, we will all have noticed that the style that prevails in them is contemporary, with a predominance of graphic design. There are all kinds, floral, buildings, children, etc. even with vintage air, but nevertheless this is totally different, they are vinyl spun on the crochet technique.

We could not say that they are classic, but they do embody the custom, the tradition implicit in the creation by hand. It is a line about the technique of Crochet by Gerar Marin for the company Flor4u.

It is inspired by crochet or cross stitch patterns and aims to give a twist to the classic and outdated vision we have of these pieces, turning them into modern decorative objects to dress with style the walls of our home.

We can choose the color that most matches our decoration and also the size, although that will have to be done on an individualized request and possibly at an additional cost. The price of stickers oscillates from the 95 to the 165 euros depending on the model and size.

Further information: Flor4u