Crystal is the new tile collection for the bathroom designed by Porcelanosa It adds a touch of style to the bathroom while providing a sense of depth. Due to its highly glossy smooth surface they create a mirror effect that gives the feeling of a much wider space.


This collection brings a new coating concept that achieves spectacular reflections, distancing itself from traditional ceramics.


The mirror effect becomes a continuous thanks to the large format of pieces that measure 33'3 × 100 cm and the almost imperceptible joints between them. These have been made with ColorstukSpecial, a material developed by Porcelanosa and formulated to achieve the best finish, always respecting to the maximum the brightness of each piece.


Crystal is available in eight different finishes: White, Vanilla, Acid, Moka, Orange, Cherry, Brown and Black, each with its corresponding color to cover the joints.

Further information: Porcelanosa Group


  1. The Crystal collection is a versatile coating, which can be placed in the wall covering of both the bathroom and the kitchen.
    It is a monoporosa coating, rectified, with a format of 33,3 × 100 cm.

    For more information, please contact the Porcelanosa store or the nearest official distributor.

    On the website:, you will find information about the distribution points.

  2. I would like to reform the kitchen with Porcelanosa Crystal tiles. I see that they indicate that it is for the bathroom. Is there any problem with the kitchen wearing these tiles?
    I would ask you to answer as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  3. Good Gentlemen group Pocelanosa, I have been impacted with your work, I discovered them with an image of a bathroom whose ceramic floor has a motif of a large ammonite and I thought it was spectacular, I work in the design of ceramics and I train people in this area, It is a museum called El Fósil, here in Villa de Leiva, Boyacá Colombia and I would love to propose this design for the new bathrooms of this place, I would appreciate if you would send me more information as well as the costs.

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