If you are looking for something different and personal, for decorating the bedroom of the youngest, today we propose a very decorative craft. We present this beautiful picture to make.

This craft is quite simple, you just need a little imagination and all our love. The materials we will need will be the following:

. Acrylic paint of the color that we like the most, in this case we choose it in white

. A framework that we like or do not use

. Gift Wrap

. Glue

The first step will be to sand the picture very well. Then we will give you one or two coats of acrylic paint. Once done we let it dry very well, we will also let it dry between hand and hand.

Now we will choose the drawing that we like the most, in this case a beautiful owl. Once selected we will cut, with the help of scissors, the design. The drawing can be animals, stars or the shapes that we like the most.

When they are recovered, we will put the images on the background of the painting itself, which we also have to paint with white acrylic. When we like the composition made we just have to adhere to the background. To do this we will help with opaque and transparent lacquer. In this way the drawing will be perfectly adhered to the bottom and we can clean it without problems.

Once dry, it will be ready to hang in any room.

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  1. What good tips! I love reading all this. Just today I was looking for information for my sister's room and it came great.

    :) I will go back and I will be back! :)

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