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When we refer art in all its expressions we must emphasize that it meets an imperative need of the human being when covering those empty spaces that would be impossible to solve without artistic representationand that's where the artistic representations and decoration find a related path which undoubtedly leads to complementation that is rooted from the very beginning of the practice in the annals of our civilization.

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Among the strictly defined artistic representations in its conformation, we find the surrealism, a very outstanding artistic practice during the last century which had magnificent representatives known worldwide.

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The artistic representation arises in the decade of 1920 around André Breton, he seeks the expression of sensations and catharsis of the emotions in the form of crude images that do not respect a rationality but that pretend through their rawness to release the emotions, therefore it is not a madness define the tendency as the most accurate representation of the emotions that the artist feels and tries to transmit.

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Avanzatti is a wonderful form of surrealist representation, it is a wonderful furniture concession which transcends all known morphology, with an attractive and sensual silhouette, it is created by designers Eduardo and Marcelo Avanti, both passionate about the work by the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, from there they take their name previously mentioned pieces.

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Dust Furniture On the other hand, it tries to be more abstract by simulating elements without particular morphology which crawl through space and develop at the same time with the whole, however part of their models have a clear surrealist tendency which reflects a great number of sensations without paying particular attention to their morphology.

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It is important to note that the application of these trends are not mere random successes or simple whims, as we observe a conformation oriented to artistic practice, we find a decoration that is much more than a simple ornamentation of the space, it is a living work that transmits, radiates, the suitability in the understanding of the forms maybe it is in the background, since the emotions are unleashed and it is the space that interacts with our being.

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