Every day I have more books, more photos, more discs, more vases, more boxes, and sometimes new items appear as a design lamp for the room. All these objects stay at home because I decide and the reason is simple: although they increase the list of belongings, and it is not something that I am generally interested in allowing, each one has a unique value that refers me to a person I want, a memory that I want to keep or a knowledge I want to acquire. I would not know whether to decide to keep Milan Kundera's books or Madonna's CDs with me. Two extremes that are part of my personality and that I do not want to abandon.
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Space for what we want to keep there will always be. Probably we start by putting shelves in all the possible walls: the living room and the study, in first measure; then the corridors and the rooms; the bedrooms continue. Finally in the kitchen and bathrooms, which are ideal spaces for certain types of elements. Already finishing the walls we have no choice but to leave aside what is not very important or explore other options such as multipurpose furniture that includes storage within the services they offer.

The FLY UP coffee table has been created with the idea of ​​combining its traditional use with the possibility of using it also as a shelf. The design, designed by the Korean HYEJI KWON in the 2009, uses the legs of the table as an auxiliary storage space, characterizing it and giving it a special look. It is built in veneered wood and steel, and measures 47 cm in height, 94 cm in width and 90 cm in depth.

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