When I say happy, I mean to be physically and mentally healthy. If resentment against anything or anyone and, in the measures of my abilities, with strong bones, toned muscles, hydrated skin and well-dyed hair. What I say is not simply a dream or an easy desire, it is a purpose, an objective, and I will achieve it, it will be seen. And let it be clear that I'm not planning to inject paralyzing substances on my forehead, or get into an operating room to have my abdomen tighten, my jowls or take out the fat accumulated in my hips. I want to be myself but well taken care of and not only with creations but with action and love.

I carry my feelings up to date, I do not have hatreds or regrets, for a long time since I understood that forgiveness is right and that being wrong is human and that is why I live my life calmly and responsibly. I take my vitamin supplements, calcium and I have a balanced diet, with proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits in their proper measure; I can not stand hunger or sin of excesses -without mentioning chocolate and ice cream. I exercise, I run, I practice yoga, I swim whenever I can, I stretch in the mornings and I love my husband as much as possible. I put on body moisturizer, sunscreen, nourishing at night and drink a lot of water. When I'm old I want to be happy just as I am now, I lacked clarification.

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An exercise machine like the Orbit Elliptical 19 control that has a backlit color LCD screen is the perfect gift for my family and me. The display indicates time, distance, speed, power consumption, heart rate and has 18 speed programs. The training modes are: fast start, manual, constant watts, constant heart rate, 12 predefined programs, and 1 user program, maximum heart rate limit. More information on the Website www.gymcompany.es