Despite being in the era of modernism and minimalism, the saying goes that "the classics never die" and that's why here we show examples of classic decoration in bathrooms.

However, it must be said that its forms and classic style have certain modern influences. All those that we see in the image follow a classic line, with classic ornaments, however we can see the purest lines with less carved and more engraved elements. Even the large washbasin furniture disappears in favor of small shelves.

In almost all of them, gold predominates as the dominant tone or color, a classic to inspire wealth and grandiloquence that can not be lacking in this style, even if only through small details. The presence of soft tones is also something that identifies classic furniture and in general to classical decoration, elements that we see here if it is maintained, except for some pieces.

The models we see in the photographs are from the company Edil-Italy.

Vía: Freshome


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