Looking at this cube with the naked eye, what do we see? A rubik cube with light inside? An extraterrestrial ship that has been installed on our planet? No, surely you have thought that this being a decoration blog will be a decorative element, obvious. Already, but which one?

His name is "A cubic lighting » and let's say it's something like a coffee table for everything. It is a creation of Sandro Agosti, Raphael Steiner and Marc Zürker who, following the instructions of their teacher, have managed to create a coffee table that emanates light from inside and that also serves for many other things.

It is a table, a sophisticated lamp, a chest and a storage area for what we want since inside it has doors that open and close putting at our disposal space to store the glasses with which we will then have a coffee or a drink with friends, the book we always read after dinner, the chess box for a game with our children or friends, in short anything we want to have on hand in the room and that is not too big.

Opening one of its doors with the light on is like opening the treasure chest as the interior lights up in a yellow color similar to the glow of gold. Of course it is not always on, for that is the plug that we see in the image, to turn it off from time to time and thus save energy.

In the following images we can see it in action, being used by those who seem to be its three creators.

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Via: Hometone