It may be that in the office the risk of wasting drinking water is not more than the possibility of spilling a glass on the computer, losing 250 milliliters of the precious liquid and a year of work at the same time. Maybe the energy consumption is moderate -to the extent of the possibilities- because when dealing for so long with machines that work with electricity and neon lights the consciousness of saving has been installed in all users. But there is something that office workers in large and small companies still lack, and that is the sense of care for paper: its moderate use, its immediate reuse and, above all, its recycling.

There are no excuses to validate the little attention given to the fact that for every sheet of paper used a tree falls into a forest although it is valid to implement measures to make it easier to select and group for recycling. For example, having a large-capacity wastebasket that clearly states that it is for the exclusive use of the paper to be recycled. This will help.

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The RECYCLABLE PAPER CUBE is a low-cost alternative to implement initiatives to use and recycle the paper used in day-to-day work. Around 80 percent of that used in work environments is prone to being reused, thus reducing the carbon footprint we leave on the planet. It is worthwhile to implement a practical system, easily recognizable and easy to use, to reduce deforestation and global warming. More information on the website


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