Cucampre is an original rack created by Olavo Machato Neto, a Brazilian designer. It is a special coat rack because it is a coat rack for keys and key ring, an organizer of all kinds of keys. It consists of several modules and in each of them we see the symbol of something to which a key can belong: the house or the car, among other things.

The coat rack comes with small balls. In them the ring of the key ring is introduced. After this ball is introduced into our rack through a ranutra and there it will remain, waiting for its next use. Cucampre can also serve as a coat rack for coats, scarves, etc ...

The truth is, it's a good way to not lose the keychains around the house, something that happens to all of us. Thus, as soon as we enter the house we will leave them in their place to pick them up again when leaving.

More information: Cucampre

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