Whether you have just discovered your love for plants, or if you go crazy over them but nowadays you can only or want to give them a place inside the house, some are the basic premises that you must take well into account to care for indoor plants without finishing seeing them languish, turning the color of their leaves to yellowish, falling or in the worst case, even rotting. So In order to see them look good glossy among your decor, healthy and worthy of magazine cover, you can not miss the following basic tips to carry out your care of the most successful of the forms. Do not lose detail that we started!

take care of indoor plants
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Do not do without the drainage

Falling exhausted to the charms of the immense amount of pots and beautiful containers that the market offers us today is the most common. But it is also true that most of the time, these containers do not include any type of drainage that allows them to eliminate the excess water that yes or yes our plants need to get rid of after irrigation. That is if we do not want to end up sacrificing them to continue wearing a pretty flowerpot. A pity do not you think?

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Buy pots with drainage. Many of them already include a tray with which you can remove excess water. Enter the plant with plastic pot (these always incorporate the drain) into the one that does not have it. So you can remove it from the latter to water it or after irrigation in order to eliminate the surplus. And last but not least, practice a hole in the pots that do not incorporate it. If they are ceramic, a drill with a fine bit will be more than enough to do it and keep your plants healthy and safe.

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Water them thoroughly but less frequently

You have often heard that it is not convenient to go through watering when you have plants inside the house. And yes, it is true. But we must distinguish between irrigation frequency and amount of water used when irrigating. Do it slowly, let the water reach each particle of soil in the pot and do not stop adding until you see that the plant starts to expel the excess water. Stop watering before it will be a sign that you have not yet satisfied the needs of your green and fresh friends.

take care of indoor plants at home II
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Eye with the temperature at which they are

Caring for indoor plants brings the fact of providing a good environment. They require more or less constant temperatures that oscillate between 15 and 25ºC. So try Avoid its proximity with radiators or air conditioners It will be extremely important and to take into account for them.

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Subscribe them

«Feed» your indoor plants, it will not be just a matter of water. The nutrients in the substrate are not eternal. So especially in time of flowering and growth (between spring and autumn basically), include liquid fertilizer at the time of irrigation will give you great results, healthy and lush results among your plants.

take care of indoor plants IV
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Choose the right place for them

Do you know which is the best place to place your plants at home? Dedicating them a place with good light will be decisive for a beautiful and resplendent development and growth. Y I do not mean a sunny place, but illuminated. Some people say that if the plant likes the place where you put it, you have more than half of the success assured with it. So, do your best and study it well! ;)

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Take care of indoor plants: Keep your leaves clean

It is normal that inside your house tend to accumulate dust on their leaves. But as you know, plants perform photosynthesis through them, so keeping them always clean will be crucial and of utmost importance to them.

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Spray leaves

You may have noticed that the tips of the leaves begin to dry. This is due to neither more nor less than they need a very difficult environmental humidity to provide them at home. So to help them with it, spray their leaves a couple of times a week. You will see how good it feels to them while you hold back the appearance of this effect in them.

take care of indoor plants X
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Cut the stems diagonally

And if you also like to show stems and fresh flowers at home, you should know that if you cut the base of your stems diagonally daily, you will get to keep them more time fresh and with a great presence.

take care of indoor plants XI
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Dedicate them a time a week, follow these tips to the letter and begin to boast of lustrous plants before you realize it! And if you add some advice or small trick to keep in mind, do not hesitate to share it. Plant lovers will thank you! ;)