The well-known designer Javier Mariscal, planned for the Spanish wallpaper brand "Tres Tintas" the collection "9 selva de Mariscal"

The multifaceted artist who moves in areas as disparate as interior design, lustration, paintings, sculptures and animation is the author of a particular line of wallpaper marketed under the signature of the popular brand "Tres Tintas", which with the The artist's support is about brand trends and to generate innovative products in terms of the wall tapestry.

The brand bets on contemporary artists who with their creations can create "a true new world" within the aesthetics of design and interior decoration.

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Urban culture

"9 selva de Mariscal" It is an urban vision of the artist that describes the citizen chaos and the social pressure that most of us feel in the big cities. The artist expresses in his project "9 selva de Mariscal" from the cultural diversity with which we coexist to everyday objects all framed with landscapes characteristic of the big cities that are part of our everyday life, including Mediterranean landscapes which without place minor doubt make up a large part of our habitat.

It is all these images and experiences that drive the artist to capture his art on this collection of wallpaper, through his talent the artist manages to take these photographs of reality and capture them in a way that our wall, far from being traditionally papered, becomes in a true work of art.

A unique wall covering in its class is the result, under the signature of its mentor Javier Mariscal.

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The collection has the following variables.

"9 Selvas de Mariscal"

After I Types

1080 cadires

Sea Jungle

001 LLetres

Three Faces

One thousand faces

The Pinar de las Dunas


003 Ciutat

The artist

Javier is synonymous with quality and innovation although his popularity in Spanish design is due more than anything, to his capacity as an artist which we can define as "A creator of images that unfolds in his work in a multidisciplinary way".

The artist although in his beginnings has a formation oriented to the graphic design found in the decoration of interiors his vocation and great passion and without place to the smallest doubt is one of the most talented interior designers of the world.

Dedicating besides the creation of wallpaper, to the creation of pieces of furniture which took great connotation and fame as is the case of his collection "Duplex Stool" which became an icon of the 80 decade.

At 1989, I founded the Estudio Mariscal with the support and collaboration of more than 30 designers, who dedicated themselves to the design of interiors and varied themes such as intervening with aesthetic projects related to the facades of various buildings.

Tres tintas the famed Spanish wallpaper brand bets young artists and is committed to a resounding change in the aesthetics of the environments intended for installation.

The brand found in the designer a coterráneo with a particular way of seeing things which makes it a hallmark of innovation and quality thanks to its already extensive and well-known repertoire of works related to design

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