When the children go to sleep, it is typical to give the crib a soft wave so that, with the movement, it falls asleep soon and does not get unraveled, which often happens. This can be counterproductive since in the end they end up getting used to the movement and if they do not have it they will start to cry, but that is another question.

For babies who need to rock in the crib to sleep here is Rockid, a piece of furniture that is cradle and rocking chair at the same time. With it, it will not be necessary for mom or dad to sit next to the crib and start with the hand to move it, they will just have to sit in the hammock and gently rock it while reading a book, talking on the phone or watching television.

Even when the children are a little larger and no longer need the crib they can use the seat as a rocking chair and use the space of the crib for their toys.

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