The windows are the axis of union between the interior space and the exterior. The means of communication with the world. The way we see those who are out there and being seen.

So many possible definitions to say that it is around windows that one of the most important aspects of interior architecture is debated. The need to have access to natural light and to be able to enjoy it based on our needs.


In modern architecture, the windows gain an unprecedented prominence, the light inputs in the houses are valued in all aspects and the size of the opening vs. the interior area increased exponentially.

It is in this chapter that the relationship with the window is somewhat contradictory. If on the one hand we need to feel that light and have the visibility that makes us a bridge to the outside world, on the other hand, we want to guarantee the interior of our home, some kind of privacy.


Between the game of what we want to see and what we need to hide, we must find the best solutions for window coverings.

And here we have to consider two categories: technical solutions and decorative solutions.

In the technical aspect, we must include all solutions for window blinds: be the simple blinds, up to the models of roll blinds, through the Japanese blinds.

All these hypotheses must be combined with the decorative solutions, as we do with the curtains, whether of transparent or opaque fabrics, placed on more or less minimalist supports, even the sliding panels that are placed in boxes applied on the ceiling.

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About the curtains, we leave you two tips: bet on a model with small details that can give the distinction to the space.

Also, do not forget to choose the right length of the curtains. Treat the high or low windows always with curtains to the floor is a maximum to be followed.

Finally, keep in mind that simplicity and debugging are two adjectives that dictate the current trends of decoration and interior design. This is a maxim that applied to the solutions for windows tells us that the road passes by saying goodbye to the windows of borders and other elaborate solutions that were fashions of the past. Now it's time to let space breathe.