Within the decoration of commercial spaces, there is an incredible range of peculiarities that pose the activity as a true art and a specialization completely removed from the rest, that is why in this case we will put some tips on decoration in commercial spaces intended for the common famous cyber cafes, since highlighting all the guidelines in the setting of this business would require several articles.


We can divide the decoration of spaces destined to cyber cafes, in two large groups, one of which the undertaking has not yet been carried out and others in which the enterprise is operative but requires a profound aesthetic renovation, this type of business, how the vast majority of those who go to services find the decoration a fundamental cover letter.


Starting with spaces that are not yet implemented, we recommend solving the need furniture with recycled elements, this will avoid an extremely expensive investment and saves money in the search for profitability in the early days something extremely fundamental.


Pallets or discarded wood can be ideal for confining furniture that later can be lined in cardboard and apply techniques to avoid that the morphology of the pieces damage the aesthetic, in the network you will find a wide range of creative solutions that can help you save money.


In addition to the cardboard furniture you can create Practical space separators that generates the optimum of conceptually dividing two well differentiated spaces, assigning one of them to the small fans of Lan game, with people who seek tranquility to study or work.

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With regard to the decoration of your walls you can use Rasterbator a soft that creates from an image murals of incredible dimensions, at a very low cost, replacing the application of vinyl or expensive paintings.



Use leed luminaires, you can buy them in any store, and apply them in different pieces of furniture creating unique highlights for your business, do not allow speakers to encourage users to listen to their favorite music bothering other customers, replace them with comfortable headphones, apply functional music of low decibels and preferably instrumental, this will create an environment of tranquility and encourage the acceptance of most of your audience.


To save space, we recommend that you use circular islands for 4 teams in a central way, optimizing columns and structural objects that condition the aesthetics, they are ideal for the game, while the use of boxees for no more than two people completely isolated, will protect the tranquility and privacy of customers who prefer an intimate environment for their activity.


If you have a small space optimize it to the maximum, but do not forget that comfort and functionality are essential, and will mark a differential with your competitors that in the pursuit of productivity do not repair this concept, The counter on the other hand should be as functional and comfortable as possible since no one will spend more time in your business how you.

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