If you find yourself redecorating your home and you are going to paint the walls, you can always add different techniques for different finishes. Painting the walls does not have to be boring.

To give a different look to our stays, today we give you a simple technique whose finish is spectacular.

The colors that we are going to select, we will do according to the furniture that we have. The combination of colors is governed by several factors.

Find the style you want Give your walls, combine with your furniture, textiles and the lighting of your home. But if you are looking for something different, we tell you how to give your walls a cloth effect, with the painting.

To add a texture effect, to our walls, we can use techniques as simple as the one we show you today in the image. It seems interwoven fabric or burlap, true?

If you like this effect, all we have to do is get hold of a thick bristle brush. The ideal is to get one of metallic bristles

First we will paint the wall of the color that we have selected, then with the wet paint... we helped ourselves with the brush by making horizontal and then vertical movements.

This technique It will give us a spectacular finish, giving a unique style to our wall. You already know if you are looking for something different, maybe this suggestion could be very useful. Give your space a new way of projection

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