Art is one of those things, that if it did not exist, I think it would be difficult for me to live without it. The smooth mona, the sunflowers of Van Gogh and the surrealist vision of the great Salvador Dalí ... Today I would love to show you how to make a work like Dalí. Do you want to know what it is? Take a "little sight"!

Today I would like to show you how to make a Dalí-style watch ... yes, yes and you do not have to paint it or anything for which I'm not good at not giving you the brush!

This is a craft with all the letters and very simple, by the way. The materials we need are:

  1. A vinyl record - this step is a dilemma because I love music ... and if it's on a vinyl record ... there we play something sacred- But surely there are some people out there who can not even hear it, so I propose a I use better.
  2. The machinery of a watch with needles!
  3. Heat method, preferably an oven or a microwave.
  4. Asbestos gloves or a rag that prevents burning, but it is very important that they are completely smooth so as not to leave a mark!

The procedure is very simple and easy. To start we take the vinyl and bake it for a while. yes! This is how it is done, it is the fastest procedure with amazing results. We take the vinyl and put it on the plate, we must leave it for a few minutes. We must constantly observe it so that we do not get too hot, it ends up breaking and we do not get the results we want.

Once ready we open the oven and being careful not to burn we take the vinyl with gloves or a smooth cloth and place it wherever we are going to put it. In this case, on the edge of a chimney, while still warm, the watch will acquire the shape.

Once located allow it to cool. When it is completely cold we have to put the machinery of the clock and voilà we have our Dalí-style clock. What do you think? Simple, no? And with a spectacular aspect!

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