Something that really worries me every day, and at the same time concerns me, is the need that I have, playfully, to create in my couple of children the capacity to value the environment and to find out about the critical situation that our planet is experiencing. Not with the intention of creating panic in them, I understand that they are small and could easily fall into fatalism and create a terrible vision of the situation, but with the hope that they understand that in their hands is the future of our environment and that it is important Take measures to support the ecology.

We do not take long baths, we recycle the garbage, we use all the sheets of the notebook of tasks, we take care of the plants, we walk through the park, we visit the botanical garden, we make the purchase and we bring it in our ecological bag. All this we do and they know very well why. They know about the problem and participate in the solution.

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Now, for your own motivation, we have bought a piece of furniture so that you can sit and read and keep your sketchbooks and some toys. The bank, at the same time shelf, LITTLE TWIN CUB is designed by JASMIN MALIK CHUA for the house SWIGG. It is a small bench of two posts made of bamboo veneered wood, of sustainable cultivation, and a rigid fiber material based on recycled paper. The double bench is on the surface of the object, has two cushions made of eco-friendly polyester and recycled denim. It has two sliding doors and the capacity of the shelving can only be overcome by an overload of toys. More information on the Website