Dave Seoane it embodies the definition of the creator par excellence. Creates functional structures, spaces and objects that he designs and manufactures. He is not in favor of manufacturing chain products and he prefers to make the same each piece, each part, each joint ... With this somewhat old conception of work, a modern vision of design is combined, furniture that has its own life and personality.

The elements that he uses for his creations are: wood, steel and color. From these elements creates new furniture, that nobody has seen before. It uses walnut wood and applies vibrant colors to give it life.

Its intention is to obtain quality and resistant furniture, furniture of today but also of tomorrow. On its website you can see its creative process, how it started, what it does now and how it develops its projects. All this with videos that he himself is responsible for making since his other passion in visual and cinematographic montage. An artist.

Via: Design Sponge