newsYesterday the third edition of the day was inaugurated «Design and Reality» of Pedro Almodóvar School of Arts in Ciudad Real. It shows the students of the school itself the work of various graphic designers and interiors, some alumni of the school itself.

Pedro Lozano, head of studies at the School of Art, and Vicente Ruiz, director of the same, were responsible for the presentation of the Conference. The director, meanwhile, said that these days, although they are open to the assistance of anyone who wants to approach, are especially aimed at students of the school itself to offer a vision of some professionals and see the movement that is outside of Ciudad Real.

Through the talks, they intend that the students know the exits for the profession they are studying and the way to insert themselves in the labor market. Many of the lecturers are former students of the School of Arts, which will help to verify the real possibilities of finding a good job. The two people in charge of the center said that "a few years ago the designers did not get work, and today the range is much greater, not only in Spain, but also abroad." Examples like Patricia Urquiola attest to that.

In order not to break the academic flow, the sessions will be extended until the 7 in May and will have a talk every two weeks.

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